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We offer this option to our customers for a quick support if you are stuck in a technical issue and manufacturer's user manual doesn't help you!


Instead of spending time and effort in web forums and technical pages, we could have the simple answer for you to get on with your project!


This option is valid for up to 2 years from purchase date from our retail or web store of the product to be supported.

You could even extend the 2 years further, by purchasing one of our support plans... or buy a support plan to cover a product we can support, but was not purchased from our stores, so... please call for details!


Before you call:


Have your Technosound proof of purchase ready to confirm your product purchase from us!


Make sure you have installed your software and hardware and made all necessary cable connections according to the manufacturers instructions. Also it is good to always update to the latest versions for your operating system from manufacturers download / support pages (find links below).


If your issue is software / drivers related, we might need to connect to your computer via remote desktop application


This service is for a quick support over the phone, e-mail (and / or teamviewer) for technical problems. If your issue can't be resolved this way, we could offer the option to either get your product and/or computer in our Lab for repair (low cost), or we could arrange an appointment to visit you at the place of your system setup if this is required (higher cost).


Also, it is impossible to teach Software or Music Production over the Phone, but we could still also give quick answers to help you get going upon your creativity.


Reading the User Manual ensures correct use of equipment and avoiding damages. It could also help you get more out of your system and work faster and more efficiently.


Please keep in mind that our telephone number is not a toll free number. You will still be charged by your telephone service provider for the call duration, like any other call you make.



Warranty Returns:

You may return products purchased from our physical or online store if you have tested to be defective to reach us within the  warranty period that applies for your product, accompanied by the proof of purchase.

Products must be returned safely under customer cost and responsibility in their original condition and packaging, with all originally included parts.  Warranty is void if the device has been opened, modified or repaired by anyone beyond the knowledge and authorisation of our company, or serial number is removed / not clearly visible.

We will then inspect and upon this is a warranty fault, we will provide a free repair or replace if required, returning it you on our responsibility and cost.

In the case where no faults were found or any fault was found to be made by abnormal use, charges may apply.