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Maschine +

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Standalone Production and Performance Instrument

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MASCHINE+ is a sampler, a drum machine, a synth, and an on-stage superpower. In short, it’s whatever you make it. Leave the laptop behind, jam with your other gear, and create beats in minutes with a wealth of on-board sounds, instruments, and effects.

It’s the iconic MASCHINE workflow, with fewer strings attached.

Standalone means more focus, more freedom, and more music making. Plug in, power up, and get creating straight away in the embedded MASCHINE+ production environment – from first ideas to finished tracks. Dial in effects to tweak your sounds, or sample audio and make it your own with an intuitive interface designed to keep the creative juices flowing. And if you want to bring your ideas into a DAW, copy them over, and boot up the MASCHINE software on your computer to pick up where you left off.


As well as its classic groovebox workflow, MASCHINE+ includes MASCHINE+ Selection: A dedicated package of nine synths and sampled instruments, 35 effects, and seven Expansions (including two of your own choosing) that work seamlessly in standalone mode.

It includes heavy-hitters like MASSIVE, FM8, MONARK, PRISM, the MASCHINE Factory Selection, RAUM, and PHASIS. That means its 16 pads can sound like a dusty vintage drumkit, a warped wavetable lead, or an organic modal synth – pretty much anything you can think of if you flex your sound design skills.


Whether you’re digging records or ripping radio edits, record any sound into MASCHINE+ and quickly chop and stretch the results into your own custom kits. Or transform and twist them in real-time with the Audio plug-in. The same goes for guitars, vocals, drums, and anything else – more sounds means more creative ways to make music.


Bring real expression to live performances with intuitive control over your music – tap out beats, run arpeggiators, or tweak synth melodies in real time. MASCHINE+ is an intuitive live sequencer, a fully-fledged groovebox, and a powerful performance synthesizer rolled into one.


Clips let you arrange your ideas with even more freedom. Create transitions across scenes, add unique variation to patterns, record MIDI directly into the full arrangement, and freely add audio wherever you need it. Once you’ve fleshed out your ideas, you can use MASCHINE+ as a powerful tool to push tracks past the finish line.

Play and sequence outboard gear and capture the results, or manipulate external audio in real time with effects. MASCHINE+ can control, mix, and manipulate the rest of your setup with MIDI, line, and mic inputs to bring everything together instantly. And if you want to work with a computer, it doubles up as a classic MASCHINE controller too.


MASCHINE+ is Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can install new sounds, instruments, and effects at the touch of a button, without a computer in sight. When it comes to jamming with others or playing out live, keep in sync with other music apps, DAWs, and compatible gear with Ableton Link.

Need more sounds? Expansions are great for giving MASCHINE+ some sonic love, with presets for its synths, one-shot samples, loops, and kits. The catalog is always expanding, and getting the latest sounds is quick and easy – just download and they’re ready to roll.




Hammer out beats, sequence melodies, create variations, and experiment with new ideas. The MASCHINE workflow is all about developing your music quickly, and MASCHINE+ is no exception.


Big and in your face, but endlessly expressive – the MASCHINE+ pads are great for drumming up rhythms, working out melodies, and playing chords. Use them like a keyboard with real expression, fire up the step sequencer if that’s your thing, or slice samples across them to create custom kits in seconds.


Find the sounds you need. Choose a plug-in, add effects, chain and tweak them. Slice samples with surgical precision for custom chops. Arrange, monitor, and mix your music. Two hi-res screens keep the MASCHINE+ workflow fast, fluid, and versatile with visual, dynamic control when sketching ideas, fleshing them out, and mixing them down.


Menu-diving is never fun. MASCHINE+ keeps essential control at your fingertips. Once you’ve found the sounds you need, the rest is about creating quickly.


Go from drumming patterns to playing melodies, sequencing synths, and one-touch chords in a snap.


Hit the lock button, go wild with effects, tweaks, and more, before hitting it again to reset your tweaks for dynamic transitions.


Touch a knob, assign your favorite parameter, and get tweaking.


Big, easy to find, and great for fills or arpeggios when sketching ideas or performing live.


Program accents and ghost notes quickly with 16 fixed velocity levels or get a smooth, constant volume when triggering samples.


Essential transport functions, as well as mute control are a click away.


Dial in effects and modulation, touch to browse tags when searching for the right sound, or get hands-on with macro controls when performing. Context-sensitive touch encoders keep tweaking quick, and sound sculpting hands-on.


Small but mighty, the Smart Strip can be used for the classic pitch modulation you’d find on a keyboard, as well as modulating other controls, an expressive way to use Perform FX, and to strum chords and samples like a guitar for both effective realism and left-field creations.


From crate-digging treasures to vocals and field recordings, sampling is ingrained in MASCHINE’s DNA. Hook up your sound source, enter the sampling mode, and stretch, chop, or loop audio in a matter of seconds.


Take ideas, mix them up, swap them about, and structure your tracks straight from MASCHINE+. Song Mode is great for building the final structure for a track, or for working out ways to progress a live set.



MASCHINE+ controllers include MASCHINE+ Selection — an industry-leading instrument and effects package. MASCHINE+ also includes a Plus voucher for two additional expansions.

  •     FM8 Advanced FM synthesizer
  •     Massive Powerhouse virtual analog synthesizer
  •     Monark Iconic monosynth
  •     Reaktor Prism Vibrant modal synth and effects
  •     Reaktor Factory Selection R2 400 presets plus Carbon 2, Space Drone, Newscool, and Lazerbass instruments
  •     Kontakt Factory Selection Curated sounds from Kontakt’s Band, World, Synth, Vintage and Urban Beats libraries
  •     Retro Machines mk2 Collection of 16 vintage synths and keyboards
  •     Raum Transformative high-fidelity reverb
  •     Phasis Inspired by classic phasers with powerful new features
  •     Deep Matter Captures the authentic vibes of Berlin’s underground sound
  •     Lilac Glare A colorful palett of timeless and current sounds
  •     Solar Breeze Evocative collection of indie-electronica sounds
  •     True School Fuses traditions of old- and new-school beatmaking
  •     Velvet Lounge A bridge between classic soul music and 21st-century production techniques


    • Operates standalone or in a DAW-based production environment.
    • Built-in 24-bit/96kHz audio interface allows you to capture patterns and sequences onboard and with your DAW.
    • Powerful quad-core processor and a 4GB dual-channel RAM.
    • Built-in Wi-Fi for downloading sounds, effects, and upgrades without connecting to a computer.
    • 2 high-resolution full-color displays allow for precision sample slicing, sound tweaking, note editing, mixing, browsing, and more.
    • Ultra-sensitive pads and touch-sensitive knobs make 2-handed drumming and tweaking parameters easy.
    • 4-directional push encoder makes browsing, navigating, and adjusting levels and balance fast and intuitive.
    • Locking power supply prevents unintentionally unplugging the system.
    • Innovative software/hardware hybrid groove production and performance system.
    • Combines intuitive sequencer, sampler and high-quality effects with comprehensive hands-on control.
    • Dedicated controller with 16 multicolor pads, 47 buttons, and 9 rotary encoders for playing, recording, sequencing, automation and arrangement lets you keep your eyes off your monitor.
    • Smart Strip for strumming notes, pitch bending sounds, performing with FX, and more.
    • Includes all basic groove-production features such as step sequencing, real-time recording, note repeat, slicing, and auto-mapping.
    • Hosts VST and AU plug-ins for adding even more production power to your rig.
    • Easily find kits, instruments, samples, and effects with the tag-based browser.
    • Intuitive automation recording and step automation editing lets you create complex sounds.
    • Sample compatibility includes Akai MPC 500, 1000, 2000(XL), 2500, 3000, and 4000 program import.
    • Threshold detection makes sampling from external and internal sources easy.
    • Works as a plug-in in virtually any application that supports AAX, VST, AU, or RTAS formats.
    • Extensive MIDI I/O allows you to sequence your external MIDI gear with MASCHINE+ and vice versa.
    • Easy drag-and-drop pattern export lets you easily transfer MIDI and audio directly to your DAW's timeline.
    • Group Macro Controls let you assign any parameter of the dedicated group to the controller's 8 knobs.
    • Dedicated MIDI-mapping software makes using the MASCHINE+ controller with other applications and instruments easy.
    • Built to withstand the rigors of live performance with robust anodized aluminum top and bottom panels.
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 322 x 51 x 301 x mm
    • Weight: 2.5kg